The ATR setup, which is described in the Gail’s newest online video course, Guide to Successfully Trading Today’s Markets in 90 Days, provides three entries using the Nadex Five Minute Binary Options and all three were profitable.

ATR Setup Example

The setup is not complicated and is designed for traders who are new to trading or struggling to be successful. For those that do not have the Trend ATR then they can substitute moving averages (although the setup is much cleaner and easier to identify with the Trend ATR).

In the video, Gail shows you the ATR setup — which is very visual. All the criteria in the trading plan is met and the fact that price was at a substantial Fibonacci level was icing on the cake. The risk on each of the trades was:

  • GBP/USD, $23 in risk
  • EUR/USD, $26.25 in risk

Profit on each trade (setting a $25 target was):

  • GBP/USD, $52 in profit
  • EUR/USD, $48.75 in profit

Combined risk to reward ratio was $1 : $2.05