Trading Nasdaq Binary OptionsAnother 2 binary signals on Gold and AUDUSD produce profits this morning.

Another 2 Binary Signals on Gold and AUDUSD

The charts below show the binary signals that came in after 8am New York time on Gold and the AUDUSD for a minimum expiration of 1 hour (which was the 10am New York time expiration).  The blue arrow highlights the closest strike to the signal.  As you can see both binaries expired in the money.

binary signals on Gold and AUDUSD

Since the signals came in at around 8:30am and the minimum time till expiration recommended is 1 hour, the 10am expiration had to be selected.  Again, the risk would have been $55 or less and the profit would have been $45 (excluding exchange fees).

The subscription for the binary signals is $99 per month.  I have slowed the signals down so only about 30 to 40 signals are issued throughout a 24 hour period.  This way there are not too many signals issued and traders can easily follow them.  Additionally, once you subscribe to the signals, if a red heart appears, after expiration, then this means that the price at expiration was greater (or equal to or less than) the signal that was issued within the minimum timeframe.  This makes following the signals much easier and are simply based on either the binary expiring In the Money or not.  Additional binary options, like Deep in the Money or Out of the Money strikes are not included in the results as there are so many choices available and that would be up to the individual traders to decide which they are willing to enter.  This provides an unbiased approach to trading the results in my opinion.