The ADX magenta peak on emini Dow Jones higher timeframe was the indication to counter-trend trade the opening this morning (also known as the Buddha trade setup).

ADX Magenta Peak on emini Dow Jones Higher Timeframe

The 45 minute chart indicated an ADX magenta peak prior to the US market opening today.  This indicates that the trade setup will be a counter-trend trade because the ADX magenta peak indicates that price will go upward to the ATR on the 45 minute chart.  In this case, the ATR on the 3 minute chart should be blue and price should test the blue ATR for support before continuing up to the ATR level on the 45 minute chart.  [Click to expand the chart to full size.]

ADX Magenta Peak on emini Dow Jones Higher TimeframeNotice on the 3-minute chart, the cyan plus sign represents the 3 minute ATR on the emini Dow Jones chart.  The white plus sign indicates the 12 minute ATR and the royal blue plus sign indicates the ATR on the 45 minute chart.  When price tested the cyan ATR, the stochastics showed hidden divergence and there were no sellers in the market.  Again, confirmation that price would likely go up to the royal blue ATR, which it did.

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