Additional trading resources for forex binary options traders includes the Nadex Market News site.  Gail typically does either videos or posts for Nadex three times a week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday).  Then as a follow-up, she will show how she traded the forex binary options based on her observations of the markets when possible.

Additional Trading Resources for Forex Binary Options

This week’s posts is a great example of Gail’s videos on the Nadex Market News page.  She is watching the forex market like a hawk because the Non-Farm Employment Change is coming up on Friday at 8:30am New York time.  These videos have shown what Gail is anticipating prior to the report being released on Friday.

For example, Monday morning she reviewed all of the USD based currencies and what she anticipated.  On Tuesday, she did a follow-up on what actually happened and what she was waiting for.

This video is a supplement to both of those posts and identifies what she is looking for prior to the news release.  These are excellent videos for those that follow TradersHelpDesk.  Plus, you will also understand why she was focused on particular markets for trading earlier in the week (which she posted on her blog).