Forex Binary SignalsForex Binary Signals has been very active overnight.  A total of 17 trades have expired.

Forex Binary Signals

The following binary signals were issued on Twitter since the Asian opening last night and have now expired, according to the minimum guidelines included in the signals.

The Forex Binary Signals that were issued were:


On the USDCAD there were 3 binary signals.  One was profitable and two lost money.

On the GBPUSD there was one trade and it closed in profits.

On the EURGBP there was one trade and it closed in profits.

On the EURUSD there were five trades.  Four were profitable and one was a loser.

On the AUDUSD there were seven trades.  Six were profitable and one was a loser.

On the charts below, which show the TradersHelpDesk Trend Average True Range Stop, the red dots indicate a short and the blue dots indicate a long position.  Simply count three bars from the dot.  Does it close lower than the dot?  If so, the trade was positive if the trade was entered exactly as called.  However, traders could also go one strike price out to lower their risk, which is easy to achieve on the AUDUSD, and EURUSD since the strike width is very small (AUDUSD is five pips and the EURUSD is four pips).

EURGBP Forex Binary Signal EURUSD Forex Binary Signal AUDUSD USDCAD GBPUSDThe automated forex binary signals go out via twitter twenty-three hours a day (no signals are issued between 5pm and 6pm New York time).  All trade results are based on Nadex Binary Signals, which is the only service we recommend.

The monthly binary signals is available for only $99 per month and covers the forex pairs, US indices, Gold, and Crude.  You do need a twitter account to receive the signals and we highly suggest that you download twitter to your smartphone to receive the tweets promptly.  For more information on the monthly binary signals service, click here.