This morning there were five forex binary signals.  I took each one and added an additional two strikes for a total of seven trades.  Since I was up at 2am this morning, instead of waiting for the trades, I simply went back to bed.  Either they made money or lost.  The total risk, if trading one contract each, was $251.50.

How Did the Forex Binary Signals Do?

Out of the seven trades, one lost and six expired in the money.  If trading one contract each, the profit was $388.50.  The risk to reward ratio was 1 to 1.54 and the winning percentage was 85.71%.  Will everyday be this easy?  No.  But trading is all about having good days and bad days, which is why managing risk is important.  While males tend to risk more, I am female and tend to risk less.  You can see this in my trades today (all were long positions).  Here’s the snapshot of the trades:

Forex Binary Signals

Also, notice that most of my forex binary signals trades were using an Out of the Money strike.  Why?  Because we had the US opening session coming in, which also creates additional volatility.  While the added volatility could also work against me, it could also work for me.  More importantly, I accepted risk levels that I was comfortable with and know would not destroy my account or ability to trade later in the week or month.

The ability to choose my risk level on the forex binary signals is exactly why I trade binary options.  I know what my risk is and, either I accept it, or not.  If I don’t like the risk and don’t accept it, then I don’t enter.  If I do accept the risk, then I enter the trade.