In this article, Gail Mercer, founder of TradersHelpDesk reviews how she managed to create 4 trades from 2 trade setups using the Nadex Touch Brackets combined with the Nadex Binary Options and the TradersHelpDesk indicators (ATR, ADX, and Stochastics).

As discussed on Sunday evening’s forex review, I had a bias that the USDCHF would go down and the GBPUSD would go up. This was from information on the higher timeframes.

4 Trades – 2 Trade Setups

The USDCHF turned into three trades:

  • Short on two hour binary for $30.50 in risk (target at $15)
  • Short on daily binary for $36 in risk (target at $15 but later took profit at $22)
  • Short on Touch Bracket USDCHF .9847 – 1.0097 at 1.0045

The GBPUSD was moving up and I believe it will continue up to about 1.3000.

  • Long GBPUSD 1.2873 – 1.3123 at 1.2946

Both touch brackets are still active. I will watch if the GBPUSD gets to 1.3007 to see if resistance forms.

On the USDCHF, I am watching the .9983 area to see if support forms.

4 Trades - 2 Setups Using combination of Nadex Touch Brackets and Binary Options