3 good trades is all you needTo increase your account, 3 good trades is all you need for one trading session.  The binary signals subscription provided them this morning.

3 Good Trades Is All You Need

The binary signals issued two really nice trades for the market opening.  The trades were on the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq (e-minis). Ironically, the Dow signal was a short and the Nasdaq was a long.  I typically do not trade the indices against each other but I opted to take the signals anyway.

The risk on the Dow Jones trade was $46.  The risk on the Nasdaq trade was $49.50.  The Nasdaq trade had an expiration at 10 am and the Dow trade an expiration at 11am.

Additionally, a buy signal was issued on Crude, as well.  However, with the market report due out at 10:30am New York time, I anticipated a strong movement down that would retrace once the report came out.  So I waited for the down move and then entered an out of the money at the signal price.  The risk on the Crude trade was only $21.50.  For those that are in the Skype room (you have to subscribe to the signals and have the indicators to participate in Skype), the entry was about $18.

I took profits the following profits on all three trades:

  • Nasdaq $34 per contract
  • Dow Jones $36.25 per contract
  • Crude Light $45.25 per contract

The chart below shows the initial risk per contract in white and the profit per contract in light green.  Exchange fees are only $1.80 roundtrip if trading less than 10 contracts or capped at $18 roundtrip if trading more than 10 contracts.

Binary Options 3 good trades is all you need

After the three trades, I stopped and advised others in the Skype room to stop as well.  We made money – plain and simple.   Why risk losing the profits we made?  There was no reason.  To steadily increase your account, 3 good trades is all you need day in and day out.