Futures Binary OptionsThree easy futures binary options to start the morning off to a great start.  One on the E-mini S&P 500, another one on the E-mini Nasdaq, and one on Crude.  Entry was around 9am and profit target was hit after the market opening at 9:30 am New York time.

Futures Binary Options Signals

The Binary Signals started firing off early (prior to 9am New York time).

Futures Binary Options

A quick glance at the charts and they showed a lot of downward pressure including the ES trying to break the 1440 congestion dot at 2056.50.

Since the signals clearly identified only 48 minutes were needed for the signal, traders could easily still enter the 8 – 10 am New York time expiration as price approached the signal price or they could have entered the Delta 70 area when the signal was issued.  I prefer risking between 45 and 55 per trade.  When this risk area was achieved entry was achieved.   The charts below identify the bar that entry was achieved (red arrows) and the green arrow shows the bar that hit the profit target.  (Click on chart to expand.)

3 Futures Binary Options to Start the MorningOf course for those that are trading the All or None (meaning an early exit is not possible), they also made profits if they used a 10 am expiration (New York time).

Futures Binary Options ExpirationRegardless of whether trading the Delta 70 (first signal) or as price approached the signal price (Delta 50) all three trades worked out in the traders favor.

Of course, it helped to know that you were trading in harmony with all the higher timeframes.  And, having advance notice is just icing on the cake so to speak.

The binary signals monthly subscription is $99 per month and, if you own the indicators, you also get access to the Skype chat room where we discuss signals when appropriate.  To sign-up for the Gail Mercer Binary Signals, click here.