This morning in the live coaching sessions, the Trade Analysis worksheets indicated an upward move on the Nasdaq futures, S&P 500 and Dow Jones (all eminis). The daily was close to being oversold and the 240 had previously been oversold. The key would be for price to retest the low and then form a bullish reversal bar.

Going down in time to the 60-minute chart, there was a bullish divergence forming at the prior low that was confirmed at 7:00 am New York time. Going down to the 5-minute chart, price had flipped the ATR from red to blue and then returned to test the slow-moving average and ATR for support. A bullish bar formed which indicated that this area would support price and hidden divergence was also confirmed on the five-minute chart.

A long entry was executed at 9131 with a stop at 9118.75 and a profit target set at 9156.25. The profit target was achieved, resulting in a profit of 25.25 points.

25 Points on Nasdaq Futures