A gain of 14 points on Nasdaq this morning with an entry off the 12 minute with Stochastics overbought.

Entry on Nasdaq

This is an advance trade setup that will be taught in the upcoming Guide to Trading Today’s Market in 90 Days – Advanced course. Basically the Stochastics was overbought and a retracement down was expected off the 12 minute chart.

Additionally, the 45 minute chart was at a congestion dot on the 45 minute with a bearish bar developing and the 3 minute indicated resistance had formed. Entry to the short side was at 5956

14 Point Gain on Nasdaq

Nasdaq Exit

After entry I began watching the 3 minute to see when potential support would develop. Then as price approached the 3 minute ATR, buyers started coming in. I exited at 5942.

A nice 14 point gain using the TradersHelpDesk indicators and methodology. The Diamond Package includes the indicators, training and templates and is on sale this week for $1995.