“Good Morning Gail,

First, THANK YOU! I’m finally becoming the trader that I’ve always wanted to be. This week was the most profitable week in my career, more than doubling what I’d previously done.

Thank you, Rick and Michah for teaching me the simplest way to be profitable. Magenta Peaks! In Las Vegas I asked if you ever traded without a Magenta Peak and you said no. But it was the look on your face that said “why” that really answered the question. Now I know why you wouldn’t. You also said to just pick 1 or 2 setups and master those and I did that too. The Buddah became my  trade and I won’t even look at a chart unless there’s a  Magenta Peak on either the 45 or the 180. Ever. Someone once asked it you knew the direction the market was headed could you make money? I can now.  I’ve had trades this week that have netted me 40 to 70 ticks. And I had the most profitable trade of my life late Monday night (early Tuesday Morning) when gold had a divergent Magenta Peak on the 45 and flipped the ATR on the 3. I got in at 1390.8, took no heat and finally got stopped out at 1368.7 on my trailer. More than 200 ticks on that trade alone.

So my son’s been watching me the last couple of months and said he’d like to learn how to do what I’m doing. Though he doesn’t have the patience or discipline yet (he’s only 18) I decided to start him with your book. It’s on my IPad but he wants a hard copy and I didn’t see one online. Was the book ever produced in a hard copy? If so I’d like to get one.

Thanks again for the education. And if anyone is unsure of whether or not to enroll in the program give them my number. I’d be happy to let them know that it’s be the best decision they’ll ever make………………..KC”