Author: Gail Mercer

Which charting platform do you prefer?

I began trading with TradeStation and see no need to change (which would cause me undue stress).  I have perfected my TradeStation skills and, therefore, remain with it.  Some users prefer NinjaTrader and others prefer...

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Identifying When Retracement Will Occur

The THD scanning tool identifies the price where the ADX magenta peaks will appear and how far price is from that level.  By knowing how far price is away from making an ADX magenta peak, you can allocate your time wisely and...

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Identifying Retracements

The THD charting indicators gives traders an edge by identifying overbought and oversold ares, low risk entry points, and volume divergence. The ADX Magenta Peak identifies when price will begin the pullback to the ATR.  By...

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