Traders Help Desk All-inclusive Trading Subscription Package

Ongoing education and technical updates are as important for traders as it is for any other professional.

Ongoing trading education for traders is included in the membership package

Education Education Education

Having access to ongoing education is critical because trading is in a constant state of change. Social media has made a huge impact for intraday traders and the Brexit battle is ongoing and the fallout could be huge. This is one of the reasons that we developed the subscription (which uses your choice of platforms including the TradingView platform or TradeStation, Multicharts, or NinjaTrader), which includes trading education all year long.

Risk to reward has become even more important with the volatility of today's markets.

Risk to Reward Has Become Even More Important!

Traders need to know how to skew the odds in their favor and the only way to do that is by using risk to reward. The trader’s job is to take profits whenever the market is offering them. However, by anticipating where price is likely to go after testing for either support or resistance, traders can anticipate their worst and best case scenarios. This allows traders to pick the best trades.

Emotional Pitfalls of Trading

Emotions Can Make You or Break You in Trading!

Greed, fear, overtrading, seeking revenge are just a few of the issues that can affect a trader’s goal. In the live coaching sessions, we show you how to identify these issues, as well as create an offense to minimize the damage they may cause in your trading.

Predictive Indicators for futures and forex that show where price will likely go and is included in the trading membership.

Predictive Indicators When Combined With Price Action

The Traders Help Desk indicators identify where price will likely go on the next move and are included in the trading membership.

The following indicators are included in the trading package subscription:

  • Trend ATR
  • MTF Support & Resistance (TradingView Only)
  • Candlesticks (TradingView Only)
  • Smooth Stochastics
  • Smooth RSI
  • Smooth ADX
  • Triple Smooth Moving Averages (TradingView Only)
  • Single Support & Resistance

Using predictive indicators allow you to identify your entry early and calculate your risk to reward before trading any market. For example, there are two simple entries on the chart to the left. On entry, the risk on the 1st trade, with hidden divergence, is 20 ticks with a profit potential of 47 ticks. The 2nd entry, with a zero line reject, has a risk of 28 ticks and a reward potential of 45 ticks.

All-inclusive Indicators & Training Subscription

$1,495 for the first year and then
$595 each additional year

What do our traders say about TradersHelpDesk education and indicators?

Charles recorded this video back in 2013 and has now been with TradersHelpDesk over 8 years and has the indicators for both NinjaTrader and TradingView and attends the live coaching session on a daily basis.

Micah recorded his video back in 2012 and 9 years later, he is still using our indicators (for Multicharts and TradeStation), as well as attends the coaching sessions.

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The All-inclusive trading subscription is $1,495 for the first year and then $795 per year for each additional year. You never have to worry about buying new indicators or subscribing to more webinars — as long as you are a member, you have access to all our trading tools and education. When it is time for your renewal, we send you an invoice and you have the option of renewing or canceling. It’s that simple!

TradingView offers a free trial.

All-inclusive Trading Subscription with Indicators and Training

$1,495 for the first year and then
$595 each additional year

Experienced traders that feel that do not need education can subscribe to the indicators on a yearly basis by contacting us for pricing.

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