Trying very hard to follow the rules.


The email this morning was very helpful.  Just as you identified entries on the sell side and avoiding the last one due to the magenta peak on the 12 minute with expectation of trading back to the ATR, it helped me to use both of the time period charts together.  I was able to get off a short against the ATR on the NQ after the magenta peak at 10 a.m. on the 12 minute using the same methodology I believe.

It was my first profitable trade.  I did a TYH trade last Friday, but had to get out as the ATR turned sellers and I AM TRYING VERY HARD TO FOLLOW THE RULES.

I have traded a long time, and I sat last Thursday and Friday very confused, but I felt as if the charts were talking to me this a.m. just as when you went through the setup and what you saw looking at all the time periods.  I was afraid to trade, but it is getting better.  I see PATIENCE is very vital.



Making Money After Getting Started Program

“I made 40 pips on GBP/USD ON 180 Min Magenta Peak Long trade. And 30+ pips from Swiss Franc 720 Magenta peak trade. These trades happened because of your teachings. I appreciate it…..Sammy

Making a Good Trade

“Hi Gail and Rick,

Although what I am about to share with you is very old hat to you both, I thought you would like to know I am actually making progress. Last night I scanned for divergence on daily stocks. I picked six and set up my screen with six 5 minute charts. This morning I waited for red dots on the three RSI charts AND volume divergence. Spotting one, I then entered a 1 stop/2 limit OSO for the first time! I made the first limit and reset my stop to break even on the second set. When the stock came back down near the limit I sold for no loss on the second half of my entry (almost exactly as one of Gail’s videos went in the mentoring program!)

So – I made a profit and am now resting on my laurels.

What is strange is the flat on the second result doesn’t bother me a bit. For the first time it wasn’t about money … it was about making a good trade with good decisions.

Thanks – couldn’t have done it without you.


Crude Oil Trade

Hi Gail,

Wanted to share with you ,I bought 2 CL @ 97.26 (9:25am) sold @ 97.50.(9:37am) This all with the help of your tools .and your no nonsense guidance.



Success can be achieved!!

“Hi Gail, Just thought I would give you a shoutout. 5 years of trading and I thought I knew something. Man all man if I would of known I just had to find a woman mentor I would have done so, Ahhhhhhh ? about 5 years ago. lol Just a friendly note to say I’m working hard and following what you teach 100% not 70% as how I usually follow someone. I see the positive in me not being able to trade live right now. It keeps me focused on studying and not worried about the next trade. Patience is not over rated. Thanks, T.Z.”