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Succeeding requires education and predictive indicators that highlight the next big market move. We provide both!

All-Inclusive Trading Membership Package

One of the biggest pitfalls for traders is a lack of ongoing education and training. That’s why we are changing our packages to trading membership only basis – for one set fee, you have access to all our services including live coaching sessions, indicators for either TradingView, TradeStation, Multicharts, or NinjaTrader, chart templates or workspaces, technical support, and online video library. (Additional platform memberships can be added for a reduced fee.)

All-Inclusive Trading Membership Package

Our All-Inclusive Membership Package Includes:

Trading Education

  • Money Management
  • Strategizing Entries & Exits
  • How to Trade Overbought/Oversold
  • Price Patterns
  • Price Bar Analysis
  • Divergence
  • Support & Resistance

Predictive Indicators

  • ADX
  • RSI
  • Stochastics
  • Trend ATR
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Moving Average
  • Support & Resistance
  • MTF Support & Resistance

The TradersHelpDesk indicators incorporate a smoothing algorithm making standard indicators more responsive, while removing the choppiness, and combining price action making them predictive of the next market move.

Meet the Founder of TradersHelpDesk

Learn More by Joining Us Monday Morning at 8 am New York Time for a Free Webinar

Seeing is believing and that’s why we host a live webinar every Monday morning at 8 am New York time. We review both forex and futures using a higher time frame approach.

What do other traders say about TradersHelpDesk’s education and indicators?

Just thought I would give you a shoutout. 5 years of trading and I thought I knew something. Man all man if I would of known I just had to find a woman mentor I would have done so, Ahhhhhhh ? about 5 years ago. lol Just a friendly note to say I’m working hard and following what you teach 100% not 70% as how I usually follow someone. I see the positive in me not being able to trade live right now. It keeps me focused on studying and not worried about the next trade. Patience is not overrated.

Troy Z.

personal Trader

My personal trading experience has been with longer timeframes with options. Gail’s methodology will sharpen your short game, which will in turn sharpen your long game. Gail’s honest, simplistic approach is a 100% must for all traders, trading all markets. She is also a very caring administrator, and offers world class customer support, second to none. I have examined or tried all the other “Gurus” and “TradersHelpDesk” wins by a country mile! Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.


Personal Trader

I really like the indicators, but it takes time to become familiar with them. But that was the easy part. Learning to trade electronically has been very difficult for me and something that Gail has provided great assistance with. She has stressed from day 1 about developing a plan, and then following that plan. DISCIPLINE is the key to success.


Professional Trader

Your approach works as well as anything I’ve seen in my 28 years of observing and trading the markets. You can quote me on that FWIW. You know and I know, money management, discipline and practice will make traders winners.


Professional Trader

Legal Disclaimer Required for Testimonials:

All reviews have been submitted by actual customers. The testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Trading Books by Gail Mercer, Founder of TradersHelpDesk

Trading Nadex Binary Options:  Keeping it Simple Strategies
Trading Nadex Binary Options: Keeping it Simple Strategies

In this book, Gail teaches traders how to easily begin trading with the Nadex Binary Options and Spreads using indicators that are built-in to the Nadex binary chart combined with price bars. Plus, quizzes included to test what you learned.

New Trader's Guide to Trading Nadex Binary Options & Spreads
New Trader’s Guide to Trading Nadex Binary Options & Spreads

In this book, Gail literally leads the new trader down the path they will need to follow to achieve success as a trader, including why they should use a demo account, how to handle the psychological issues, why a trading plan is instrumental in success.

Trading Nadex Binary Options Using Currencies
Trading Nadex Binary Options Using Currencies

If you are new to trading currencies, this is a must have
book. Gail provides a wealth of information  for new currency traders, as well as clues to decipher where price will go in the near future based on historical currency data.

Trading Nadex Binary Options & Spreads Using Candlestick Patterns
Trading Nadex Binary Options & Spreads Using Candlestick Patterns

In this book, Gail teach traders these critical candlestick patterns, which almost always occur at areas of support and resistance and how to utilize these patterns for trading Nadex Binary Options and Spreads.

A Beginner's Guide:  Trading Binaries
A Beginner’s Guide: Trading Binaries

In this book on binaries, Gail reveals how to traders can utilize this new trading vehicle to increase return on investment, lower their own risk and not ever get stopped out again using the Nadex Binary options and Spreads for forex, futures, and commodities.

Mastering Your Trades - Trend and Counter-trend Trading Using Volume Analysis
Mastering Your Trades – Trend and Counter-trend Trading Using Volume Analysis

Gail Mercer has successfully weathered the trial and error process to reach the understanding that volume must be combined with divergence to truly be a leading indicator of price action. Gail describes volume and divergence patterns in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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