Intraday Trading for Futures, Forex, Commodities and Nadex Binary Options

Gail Mercer - Intraday TradingLearn intraday trading for futures, forex, commodities and binary options from an experienced trader. TradersHelpDesk, which was founded by Gail Mercer, an experienced professional intraday trader, specializes in offering the tools and skills needed to become successful in today’s markets. Whether you want to trade the futures, forex, commodities or binary options, TradersHelpDesk offers all the tools and training you need to be successful.

In fact, Gail is so confident of her system that she is offering a money back guarantee on the Platinum Package or the KickStart Your Trading Las Vegas seminar if you purchase before September 10, 2014!

checkmarkredDo you want to learn how to leverage your money and limit your potential losses while intraday trading?  Many trading educators “teach” with vague clichés or give you only bits and pieces of all that is required to trade successfully. Gail uses sound business principles coupled with her personally designed trading strategies and indicators. You are taught how to build a trading business that will be successful for the long term and one that is not based on the latest market fluctuations, popular trends and trading jargon.

checkmarkredAre you willing to devote the time to learn how to become an intraday trader?  TradersHelpDesk does not offer overnight success.  Instead, we offer you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur within the trading environment.  Entrepreneurs take initiative and they understands the risks versus the potential profits before entering.

checkmarkredDo you want to be able to read a price chart and utilize leading indicators instead of lagging indicators?  The THD indicators were developed and designed by Gail as she built her own successful intraday trading practice. She uses them daily to trade her own money in the markets. Her indicators are built on the core concepts of Richard Wyckoff and Welles Wilder but with critical design modifications. Technology and markets change and so must traders.  Gail incorporates the latest technology available to give traders a leading edge.

checkmarkredAre you new to futures?  Forex?  Commodities?  Binary Options?  Gail trades all of them.  For new traders, Gail recommends the newer binary options by NADEX, instead of simulators, because traders are able to learn all the skills needed to become successful on the live edge of the markets.  Instead of practicing with “play money” traders place live trades using real money with predefined risk limits.  This allows the trader to focus on learning without fear of losing their capital.  It also gives the trader firsthand experience with the typical psychological barriers that prevent success on the live edge without the larger risks that are associated with the futures, forex, and commodity markets.

checkmarkredDo you seek a teacher and mentor that cares about your progress, failures, and successes?  When you choose TradersHelpDesk for your trading education, you can count on getting the personal attention you require to be successful. Gail is available by phone and email to help you as you learn the business and trading principles that are necessary and how to apply them in the markets. Your success is Gail’s success. Come join the growing number of traders that choose THD for their trading education and success!

checkmarkredAre you seeking an online learning environment (or a personal seminar) that covers everything from the simplest trading techniques to the most advanced trading techniques?  Gail knows that everyone learns differently and she offers courses covering everything from simple to complex, both online and in-person.

Gail offers several different packages depending on your level of experience, including the Getting Started with THD for new clients, the Silver Package for clients who cannot attend a seminar, and the Platinum Package for clients who need to kickstart their trading.  If you are not sure about which package is right for you, then come into Gail’s free intraday trading tips room and see the indicators in action.

If you are serious about becoming an intraday trading entrepreneur, then the choice is simple – choose TradersHelpDesk because Gail cares about you and your success.





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