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We understand you are skeptical because there are a lot of indicator choices out there so why choose us? Because we don't just sell indicators because we know that is a formula for disaster. While our recent strategies have shown that hypothetically the winning percentage are between 65 to 70%, trading is not about simply slapping a strategy on a chart. Becoming successful in today's markets takes time, patience, and dedication to learn the various skills for becoming a successful trader.

TradersHelpDesk has developed a revolutionary path to success that encompasses intensive online and in-person training to help you develop all the different skills you need to become successful in today's markets.

Skills that help you:
  • Identify if the trend will continue or retrace
  • Identify where support and resistance is on higher timeframe
  • Understand how volume price analysis is critical for identifying where the market will go
  • Develop and stay on track with a trading plan
  • Conquer and remove all emotions from your trading
  • Utilize risk to reward to your advantage
  • Learn to expand your markets so you can expand your profit potential

To get started today, simply choose from one of the Special Offers which are available for NinjaTrader, Multicharts, and TradeStation.

Daytrading Indicators for Futures & Forex

Daytrading Indicators for Futures & Forex

Our best trading indicators for NinjaTrader, Multicharts and Tradestation utilizing volume analysis, average true range, ADX, RSI, support and resistance.
Special Trading Packages for Day Traders

Special Trading Packages for Day Traders

We offer specially designed packages for day trading futures, forex and commodities that utilize support and resistance with volume analysis to identify low risk trade setups.
Online Training for Daytraders

Online Training for Daytraders

TradersHelpDesk offers an online training events that teach you how to incorporate volume analysis, price action and support and resistance in your training.
Day Trading Seminars

Day Trading Seminars

TradersHelpDesk offers small group 2-day seminars in Greensboro, NC twice a year to teach you how to interpret volume, price bars and identify where support and resistance is on the higher timeframes.
eBooks by Gail Mercer

eBooks by Gail Mercer

Gail Mercer has published many articles and ebooks. Click here to purchase her book on Binary Options or visit for her other books.
Coaching for Daytraders

Coaching for Daytraders

Gail offers coaching for day traders who are struggling to become successful. Trading encompasses many different skills including risk management, planning and execution.

TradersHelpDesk is a God Send to Traders!

Hi Gail,

I would like to give some feedback on 2 things you've taught me that really helps me be on the right side of the trade. To start, everything you teach is needed to become a solid trader. You are really a God Send to many of us that have the burning desire to reach our goals in the trading world. Now that I'm feeling more comfortable with watching all timeframes and seeing if I'm in tune with the charts that day, I'm always watching for Wyckoff Springs and Upthrusts.

It is amazing how they help me to wait for pulling the trigger for a possible trading I'm watching for. When I first learned them from Mastering Your Trades, I got a little too quick on the draw with what they were about for me. Not today, now they have become two of my best friends, both for sitting on my hands and for pulling the trigger for a trade.

Just one of the many things that's helping me see the light better. Profitable trading Gail!

Thank you,


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